Rely+OnTMVirkonTM - Surface disinfectant in powder

In whatever place where the biological and environmental risk is constant, it is more and more important to pay attention to solutions to remove any pathogenic activity of microorganisms, human beings and the eco-system balance are exposed to. But any disinfection should be environmental-friendly and comply with any individual requirement.

Rely+OnTMVirkonTM is the world-wide reference product, the best answer to similar requirements. Engineered by DuPont™, Rely+OnTMVirkonTM is a top quality disinfectant, suitable any time bio-safety and effective infection spreading control is required, as it leads to the physical fungal, bacterial and viral pathogen microorganism physical destruction, both in vegetative and spiral-shaped forms, in 15 minutes.

Non toxic and biodegradable, Rely+OnTMVirkonTM is available in powder, soluble in cold fresh water: to be used it should be reconstituted at 1% (10g per litre), thus providing for a ready-to-use solution, effective for 5 days, lemon-scented and rose-coloured, a clear evidence of its efficacy: the solution provides for its biocide activity when its rose colour does not fade.
Rely+OnTMVirkonTM powder composition makes it easy to store (500 g allows to reconstitute 50 litre solution, 1 kg, 100 litres) thus making it the ideal product for hospitals, medical clinics and labs.
Tested on any surface, it is used to disinfect working tops, equipment, machineries, tanks, containers. With the due tools available, it is used to decontaminate air and water, besides being directly used in powder on organic residues or fluids, such as vomiting, urines, blood, etc.

At the suggested concentration (1%), it is not irritating, it does not release toxic vapours or unpleasant smells. Differently from the great majority of wide spectrum effective disinfectants available on the market, it is biodegradable and the exhausted solution wastes can be disposed through the mains sewage network with no pollution risk.
Using Rely+OnTMVirkonTM it is possible to consistently save money, as, thanks to its formulation, it cleanses and disinfects all together, with no need of pre-wash or using expensive detergents.
Rely+OnTMVirkonTM is available in a single, multi-active and stabilised formulation with more components. It consists of potassium peroxymonosulphate as an active ingredient, associated to peroxides, surfactants, an anionic surfactant, organic catalysts and buffers.

It efficacy was tested on:

  • 400 strains belonging to 80 bacteria;
  • 60 strains belonging to 20 moulds;
  • 10 strains belonging to 5 bacterial spores;
  • 4 strains belonging to 4 mycobacteria species;
  • 60 strains belonging to 40 virus of well-known families, among which HIV-HBVHCN- H1N1.

Rely+On™Virkon™ is registered by the Health Care Minister as a Surgical Medical aid n. 16,765, sold in more than 130 countries, tested by CDC in Atlanta (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and approved after rigorous controls by the EPA (United State environmental protection agency) after 3 years of severe tests, thus being granted the due approval to be used in hospitals, offices, food processing companies and schools, transportation means (ambulances, etc.).

Applications on the majority of available surfaces are:

Health care sector
Hospitals and polyclinics, Obstetrics clinics, Dental clinics, Scientific and clinical labs, Beauty centres, etc.

Community services
kindergartens and primary schools, Hospices, recreation centres, Jails, prisons, institutes for under-age prisoners, hotels, spa, theatres, cinemas, gyms, offices, etc.

Food processing
Canteens, catering services, supermarkets, salami manufacturing companies, diaries, butchers;

Military, merchant and cruise ships, Ferry boats, fishing boats, Military and civil planes, Merchant and passenger trains, containers, Road haulage, etc.

Industrial sector
drug companies, bottling and sterile product packaging companies, agro-farming companies dealing with the production and processing, transportation and storage of food, air duct treatments, cleaning, etc.
Dental sector
dental clinics, dental cabinets, associated companies.

The disinfectant will be applied on:

  • In powder: to absorb organic residue fluids, thus deeply cutting the contamination risk.
  • Spray: with the supplied sprayers, the solution is spread to disinfect any surface to be treated
  • Solution: through the special dispensing tools, to treat air and ambiences

To reconstitute the ready-to-use solution, the product in powder must be reconstituted in the mains water at 1%, in compliance with the reported proportions.

Rely+OnTMVirkonTM Mains water
10 g 1 Litre
50 g 5 Litre
100 g 10 Litre
250 g 25 Litre

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