Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM – Instrument disinfectant in powder

Mainly developed as to provide for a wide spectrum rapid decontamination from viruses, mycobacteria, yeasts and bacterial spores, Rely+ OnTM PeraSafeTM, with its system optimisation as to inhibit corrosion and with a almost neutral pH, it is the most suitable solution to disinfect endoscopes, invasive probes besides any other re-usable medical instruments, which are sensitive to heat, in ultra-sound basin, holding sodium percarbonate and TAED.

Rely+ OnTM PeraSafeTM in powder generates a peracetic acid on site, when it is dissolved in water. The solution with an almost neutral pH and combines the biocide efficacy of the peracetic acid with the best compatibility with any material to provide for repeated decontaminations from pathogen microorganisms. The cold efficacy of the device makes its suitable to be used with re-usable instruments and devices, sensitive to heat.

Rely+ OnTM PeraSafeTM provides for a rapid contamination to a wide spectrum with pathogens provoking severe diseases from the human health, as HIV, B & C hepatitis, mycobacteria (tuberculosis) and diseases provoked by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Clostridium difficile, MRSA and Candida albicans.

Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM is the best top level disinfectant of invasive medical devices and instruments such as:

  • fibre optical instruments
  • surgical probes, etc.
  • surgical instruments
  • various or heat-sensitive materials
  • For the automated disinfection in endoscope washers

Health care sector
For its features, practicality, storage easiness and effectiveness is ideal to be used in clinics and in hospital wards and services, where a rapid decontamination is required of the used instruments.
Dental sector
The product efficacy and safety for the patient and the operator make the product the best solution to answer to any working environment demanding requirements such as dental cabinets and dental clinics.

Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM is powder product to be reconstituted with mains water at 1.62% (16.2 g powder for each water litre).

The product is easily is easily soluble and once dissolved in water, it becomes blue when activated then the colour progressively disappears, while it remains effective for 24 hours.

Possible exhausted solution residues should be disposed through the main sewage system thanks to its biodegradability. Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM disinfects the objects in the solution after simple 10 minute contact.

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