PerActionTM - Two components - Instrument liquid disinfectant

Invasive and non invasive liquid peracetic acid-based disinfectant

Two-component peracetic acid solution, to be mixed before any use. The reconstituted solution include a 2500 ppm peracetic acid concentration (0.25%). The solution complies with its final use destination up to a 1000 ppm peracetic acid concentration and it does not change its antiseptic activity up to 14 says after reconstitution or for 70 cycles in any endoscope washing machine.

During its engineering/validation, a series of studies was carried out to check the PerActionTM device performances in terms of efficacy, safety and stability and according to its use destination.

To assess its sporicidal, bactericide, fungicide, mycobactericide and virucidal activity, the device was tested with a 1000 ppm peracetic acid concentration.

As to assess the device compatibility with the endoscopes, a series of specific contact tests were carried out between the device and the endoscopes, checking the absence of possible corrosions, glaze-like discolorations under limit conditions.

The PerActionTM device is sold in two different components: the peracetic acid solution and the buffer solution. The use of the device in the endoscope washing machines was simulated as to check the product stability after different disinfection cycles. The enforced study allows to come to the conclusion that peracetic acid keeps its active antiseptic concentration at 1000 ppm up to 70 washing cycles.

The reconstituted product, after diluting the peracetic acid solution in the buffer solution, turned out not to be dangerous.

PerActionTM is sold in two sizes: 1L and 5L.

PerActionTM is suitable to carry out any top quality instrument washing and disinfection: surgical probes, surgical instruments, various or heat-sensitive material, automated endoscope washers, fibre optics tools.

PerActionTM is used in:


Top quality disinfection of any DM labelled device or instrument for a manual application or to be used in an instrument or probe washing machine.

Thanks to its different packaging, it complies with many different functions and requirements of clinics, surgeries and sterilisation centres.

Dental sector

To disinfect dental surgical tools, manually washed or in automated instrument washing machines.

PerActionTM operating instructions
Mix the content of the two bottles (solution A and solution B)
The reconstituted solution is ready to use.

Manual disinfection

  • After accurately washing and drying all the instruments, immerse in the solution.
  • Leave in the solution for 10 minutes.
  • Then remove the instruments aseptically and rinse with sterile water.
Disinfection of endoscope washing machines
  • Pour the reconstituted solution in the machine tank in the quantities and according to the manufacturers’ suggested modes.
  • Comply with the endoscope washing machine operating instructions.
  • The solution provides for the same antiseptic activity of 14 days from reconstitution or for 70 cycles in the endoscope washing machines.
  • Before using, carefully read the case warnings and instructions.

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