Trienzym – Enzyme detergent

Product for the enzyme cleansing of instruments

TriEnzym is a proteolytic enzyme detergent destined to cleaning and cleansing, used in ultra-sound basins or for a manual washing. The product is poorly or not foaming and it exhibits a high emulsifying and dispersing power, providing for the starch, protein residue and lipid hydrolysis.

The TriEnzym solutions complies with its final use when diluted and 45 ml solution per 1 litre water are required to provide for an effective cleansing.

TriEnzym is classified as class 1 Medical device and the solution holds Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate 1 – 5 %; 2-Ethylhexanol ethoxylate 1 – 5%; C6 Alkil Glucoside 1 – 5%; Proteases (Subtilisin) 0,1 – 1%; Alfa Amylase 0,1 – 1%.

Its formulation includes enzymes, surfactants, dispersants, sequestrants and alkali agents, all providing and supporting the product high detergent capacity. TriEnzym is to be considered biodegradable as its single components. However, the product is to be disposed according to the regulations in force as not to contaminate the soil or water with residues and it should not be dispersed in the environment. No bioaccumulation forecast.

The product is mainly used in the health care sector (hospitals, clinics, obstetrics clinics, dental clinics, private hospitals).

Trienzym was engineered to provide for the top quality disinfection of invasive and non invasive medical devices, probes and surgical tools.

It is better used in the following sectors:

Health care sector

Nursing and care homes, Surgeries, Diagnostic labs, Dental clinics.

MANUAL – Dilute to 0.5%, wash and clean the istruments, rinse with fresh water and dry.

ULTRASOUNDS – Dilute to 0,5%, plunge the instruments in the ultrasound basin, leave for 10 minutes, remove, rinse with fresh water and dry.

AUTOMATIC WASHING – Dilute to 0.5%, add the diluted solution in the automated washing machine, leave for 10 minutes, remove, rinse with fresh water. Dispose the empty contained and the residual solution according to the regulations in force, do not dispose in the sewage network or through the water streams.

Independently from the washing method, the reconstitution can vary according to the stubborn dirt and the water hardness. The washing water temperature should never exceed 50°C.

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