Biosteril Italia srl: top quality disinfection to control infections and contamination

Biosteril Italia is a company, operating in the bio-safety sector, supplying treatment specialised products complying with wide and different hygienic requirements.

The company is the sole distributor for Italy of DuPont disinfecting products, manufactured by the company belonging to Antec International Human Health and wide recognised for their quality by the most important sector international institutions (CNC Atlanta, EPA, OMS, etc.), Biosteril Italia furthermore developed its own top quality disinfection products to comply with the many growing market requirements.

Its core activity on disinfection allows the company to supply the best solutions to face bio-contamination problems, as to prevent and protect people health, including the direct user of disinfectants.

The medium-size company covers Italy as a whole, and it is the only company operating only in the disinfection sector. The varied case records reported and shared with its authoritative customers increased the company qualification, professional and mastery of the result in terms of prevention and surface, air and water infection control, with the same or even lower costs than poor quality companies available at present on the market.

As to comply with the user demanding requirements, Biosteril carried out studies and market research thus being finally granted a series of patents.Its products entirely change disinfection, thus increasing scale saving but with the best possible non-toxic activity and efficiency.

Besides the offered product top quality, the company provides for technical and information service and support including training on the product use to the health care facilities, communities, food processing and industries. Thus it increases the application potential reducing energy and material wastes, with the user constantly involved at the same time.

The company attends the most important sector events and exhibitions. Biosteril Italia is constantly committed to innovation, paying at the same time the due attention to its customer requirements.