PoliSterilTM PROF - Instrument disinfectant kit

Kit for the invasive and non invasive instrument top quality disinfection, with sodium percarbonate, TAED and ozone

PoliSterilTM PROF is a complete and evolved kit for the invasive and non invasive instrument top quality disinfection complying with different requirements in terms of applications and consumptions. It includes a series of products such as the top quality disinfectant Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM and other tools such as the SterilScreenTM wipes and the Ozono TherapyTM ozonizer. Such devices are extremely useful in the medical device disinfection, when the instruments are heat-sensitive as the endoscopes. The medical instrument disinfection can be enforced through the instrument immersion before the washing or disassembling the re-usable part of the instruments.

The main difference between PoliSterilTM PROF and PoliSterilTM ONE is the ozonizer supplied which mixing ozone with mains water starts an advanced ozonisation process, thanks to the interaction between percarbonate and TAED (Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diammine).

The obtained disinfecting solutions are the best from a disinfecting performance view point and they allow to get the best possible results in the lower possible time, while not endangering any sensitive material.

Hereinafter annexed a short description of the PoliSterilTM PROF kit components.

The PoliSterilTM assembled components:

Ozono TherapyTM - Ozone
Ozono TherapyTM ozonizer produces ozone through a corona discharge and it is conveyed through a tap thanks to a manifold and it is mixed with the mains water through a Venturi adapter. Ozonized water becomes the best vehicle to reconstitute a holding potassium peroxymonosulfate and TAED thus increasing its biocide efficacy.

Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM - Sodium percarbonate and TAED
The top quality Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM disinfectant, manufactured by the multinational company Du PontTM, hold sodium percarbonate and TAED (Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diammine). It produces a peracetic acid water solution, which in balance with hydrogen peroxide, produces AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) thanks to the synergy between H2O2 and zone. The oxidising effect supports the high biocide power of each ingredient once associated.

Detergent wipes
Decontaminating SterilScreenTM wipes are effective to clean sensitive surfaces. The product consists of two wipes, the first holding PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide), Benzalkonium Chloride, the second a dry wipe and both treated under gamma rays. The active ingredients provide for a bactericide and fungicide activity in a few minutes.
As they do not hold alcohol make them suitable to use on PC monitor and LCD devices.

The PoliSterilTM PROF kit was designed to provide for the top quality disinfection of invasive and non invasive surgical instruments, surgical probes and surgical instruments in general.

The sectors where the product turns out to be extremely useful are:

Health care sector
Hospitals and polyclinics, Surgeries, Diagnostic labs, Dental clinics.
The product can be applied in any critical ambience, where safety and efficiency are to be provided in case of any instrument decontamination in hospitals, hospices and lab.
Dental sector
Dental clinics, dental cabinets, associated companies. Dental clinics and cabinets can profit from a effective solution to get rid of any possible contamination.

Reconstitute Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM in ozonized water (after mixing the ozone produced by Ozono TherapyTM in the mains water), 16.2g powder in 1 litre water. Once obtained the reconstituted PoliSterilTM solution (Rely+OnTM PerasafeTM + ozonized water), becomes blue when activated then the colour progressively disappears, while it remains effective for 24 hours or 20 cycles in any endoscope washing machine. The formed paracetyle ions provoke and speed up the biocide action thus leading to:

  • Change to the osmotic function with a consequent cell lyses;
  • Cell essential enzyme oxidation
  • Protein denaturation;
  • Catalysis inactivation.

As to provide for the best infection control, solutions which are not used are always disposed of within 24 hours through the main sewage network. Steril ScreenTM wipes are useful to cleanse and decontaminate probe handpieces and alcohol-sensitive surfaces on medical devices (LCD, monitor,...) which cannot be plunged into any water solution.

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