PoliSterilTM - Instrument disinfectant kit

Kit for the invasive and non invasive instrument top quality disinfection, with sodium percarbonate, TAED and ozone.

Biosteril Italia s.r.l engineered the PoliSterilTM kit for the invasive and non invasive instrument top quality disinfection, profiting from the developed synergy between ozonized water where to reconstitute Sodium percarbonate and TAED, exploiting the AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) process.

Such a formulation entirely changes the concept of disinfection whose efficacy, proven by lab tests, is confirmed through applications, while confirming its high tolerability and best possible compatibility on materials.

The PoliSterilTM kit includes detergent-decontaminating wipes on alcohol-sensitive surfaces, as a supplement to the disinfection of probe handpieces or screens of many electronic devices, present in labs, a ozonizer, a probe washer or a basin to easy probe or surgical instrument washing

The offered product high quality is supported by a consistent technical service and a technical-information service by the company, including dedicated training courses for the personnel. Thus it is possible to entirely profit from the consistent decontaminating product features, reducing material and energy wastes, with the user constantly involved.

The product kit is available in three variants with a series of different parts supplemented according to the applications and the quantities required. The type of offered products comply with different requirements and applications: from instruments to heat-sensitive objects, probes and handpieces, etc.

PoliSterilTM kits are registered by the Health Care Ministry, n. 51023/R.