PiON Test – Buffer test

Immediate test to check the surface cleaning conditions

PiON Test is a simple and rapid way to accurately monitor the surface cleaning thus managing within the shorted time period, any safety procedure and disinfection control. The PiON Test in fact can detect possible residual proteins on the surface after the disinfection. The reactive present in the superior part of the buffer, reacting with any protein possibly present on the surface triggers a colorimetric reaction of the solution present, thus providing for the surface cleaning level

PiON Test display the disinfection result in 10 min.

Time Sensitivity
1 minute 80 µg
5 minutes 50 µg
10 minutes 20 µg
PiON Test sensitivity table

The colorimetric change is clear, it is consistently sensitive and it does not need any addition device

Colour Positivity/Negativity
Light green Negative
Gray/light violet Positive
Light violet Positive
Dark violet Positive
The test reaction depends on the temperature and protein concentration present and according to the colouring it is possible to define the contamination level. The results are to be read within 10 minute from the test activation. After the maximum test exposure time, the test is void and it should be repeated. With PiON Test it is furthermore possible to interpret the contamination level according to the colorimetric change speed and intensity, being sensitive to temperature, therefore it is advisable to use at a temperature varying between 2 and 25°C.

Protein µg 1 minute 5 minutes 10 minutes
100 µg Positive Positive Positive
90 µg Positive Positive Positive
80 µg Positive Positive Positive
70 µg Positive Positive Positive
60 µg Positive Positive Positive
50 µg Positive Positive Positive
40 µg Positive Positive Positive
30 µg Positive Positive Positive
20 µg Positive Positive Positive
10 µg Negative Positive Positive
5 µg Negative Negative Positive
1 µg Negative Negative Negative
The colorimetric result table correlating the incubation time with the protein µg present on the treated surface.

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